Health Engineering Department(HED)

Ministry of Health & Family Welfare

Exam Result
Date Subject MEMO NO Document
29-08-2019 Practical Exam Result of Driver. 1934
28-08-2019 Practical Exam Result of Computer Operator, Satlipikar Cum Computer Operator & Data entry Operator. 1923
27-08-2019 Practical Exam Result of Office Assistant Cum Computer Typist. 1912
20-08-2019 Practical Exam Schedule-2019 1835
08-08-2019 Written Result-2019 1782
19-03-2018 Practical & Viva Schedule of Stenographer Cum Computer Operator. 970
06-03-2018 Viva Voce Re-scheduled 867
23-02-2018 Written Exam Result -
Chief Engineer,HED

Brigadier General Mohammad Osman Sarwar SPP, afwc, psc

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